2013-08-30 / Business Review

Kindred Assisted Living- Village Crossings With the Emphasis on Wellness and Fun

When families consider assisted living options they learn that the intimate design of Village Crossings’ congenial community for our residents fosters new friendships, not only among residents but also among resident families and a caring staff.

For more than a decade, Village Crossings located in Cape Elizabeth has been a welcoming safe harbor for seniors - an alternative to the loneliness and the risks that sometimes face all of us at home as age advances. The community is dedicated to sustaining resident wellness and contentment by creating daily opportunities for social interaction, spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Each resident’s service plan is a flexible collaborative roadmap created by the resident, key family members, the resident’s personal physician and available on-site occupational and physical therapy healthcare professionals. This process helps to focus the programs and resources on individual resident needs and interests. Staff priorities, services and amenities are dedicated to make each day the best it can be for each resident consistent with their goals and aspirations. By creating this as a primary focus, Village Crossings creates an emphasis on living which results in wellness and a specific intent for enjoying life. Every effort is made to embrace family time and opportunities to be with old and new friends without sacrificing quiet periods for personal reflection and interests.

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