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Recently, a nationwide groundswell has gained momentum to “buy local,” supporting independently-owned businesses rather than chains in order to stimulate the local economy. In South Portland, Legion Square Market (Smaha’s) at 101 Ocean Street offers shoppers the opportunity to enjoy the freshest, highest quality meat and produce in the area while supporting the “buy local” ideals.

“It gives our customers a lot of pride, to be able to embrace ‘buy local.’ We hear that a lot from people and they have an option right here to put that into place,” said Legion Square

Market owner, Alan Cardinal.

Cardinal and his family became new owners of the store one year ago and have continued the famfamily-owned traditions of high ququality and excellent customer serservice that have defined the KnKnightville market for 72 years. ThThe continued relationship with lolong time employees along with a couple new faces allows these trtraditions to hold strong as well.

LLegion Square Market has providedpr several local restaurants in Portland and South PortlandPb with chicken, lamb, beef and pork, exemplifying the freshness and quality of the store’s meat. Cardinal said the commitment extends not just to chefs and restaurant owners, but every customer who comes into the store.

“Our high quality is because of who we are and what we care about. Our beef is ground in-house, fresh, with no additives, to meet the needs of our customers, the individual, as well as the restaurants,” Cardinal said.

“Our reputation is very important to us. We will not compromise on quality.”

The meat cutting staff at Legion Square Market provide individualized service to each customer not available at larger format stores. Cardinal said the staff will help in any way they can, from answering questions about preparation to carrying groceries out of the store.

This year, Legion Square Market began a family grilling special pairing together a few offerings from its high-quality Meat Department. The special offers (12), of our in-house ground, hamburgers and rolls, (12) hot dogs and rolls, (2.5) pounds of boneless, skinless chicken breast, (2.5) pounds of sirloin steak and (2.5) pounds of coleslaw or potato salad – enough to provide plenty for a Labor Day weekend barbecue – all for $38.

“This is the first Summer we have offered this special, which has been embraced tremendously by the public as the weather is cooperating wonderfully for people to continue their Summer cookouts.”

Legion Square Market’s low prices are not confined to the popu- special. At the deli counter, Cardinal hears customers comment on the outstanding prices for the evermple, everexpanding selection. For example, Old Neighborhood roast beefef is priced every day at Legion Squareuare Market at $6.99, whereas the lowest owin price a customer could find in a large format store for the sameme product is $8.99

Legion Square Market is located downtown in the heart of the Knightville neighborhood at 101 Ocean Street. For more information, call 799-3374.



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