2013-08-30 / Business Review

Optimal Performance Physical Therapy

Optimal Performance Physical Therapy is conveniently located in Scarborough at 5 Millbrook Road; just off Route 1 between the Maine Veterans Home and Scarborough Downs.

Optimal Performance PT is unique because we combine traditional physical therapy programs with holistic techniques that allow us to customize each program to our client. We use exercise programs and movement re-education to increase functional performance along with advanced manual therapy techniques to address structural dysfunction and pain caused by injury or stress. We also address the effects and importance of nutrition with regard to health, inflammation, and recovery.

Our staff are licensed physical therapists with solid experience and diverse training backgrounds, provide pre- and post-rehabilitation for surgical procedures, as well as orthopaedic, sports, neurological, work related, acute and chronic injuries.

Our 60 minute, one-on-one treatment sessions provide focused attention on the individual; improve therapeutic outcomes, and client satisfaction. Because to treat means to teach; our clients learn skills they can use at home to treat and heal their bodies.

Our approach is results oriented and interactive. Together a treatment plan is created that integrates functional rehabilitation, movement retraining, manual therapies, and nutritional education. The client and the practitioner constantly monitor and re-assess progress through indicators such as improved function, enhanced ranges of motion, increased strength and endurance, pain reduction, and the ability to return to prior activity level.

Our Goal is to help you ACHIEVE your OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE!!

We will be offering Free Fall Workshops on Wednesday evenings at our clinic September 18th thru November 13th from 6:30-8:00pm. Check out our Facebook page: Optimal Performance Physical Therapy or Call 510-6500 for more information and to reserve your seat!

Optimal Performance PT is your partner in healthcare; we’re focused on meeting your needs for prevention, rehabilitation, wellness and education!

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