2013-08-30 / Business Review

What’s New at SMPT?

Southern Maine’s only Arthritis and Rheumatic Disease Program, staff who contributes their expertise to New England’s leading university for physical therapy and one of only 50 physical therapists in Maine now Board Certified in Orthopedics – are just a few of the reasons why SMPT is unlike most physical therapy providers in Maine.

“We’re grateful for the continued support of the communities in which we operate and want to thank our patients and our referring doctors for making this a good year,” says Scott Ayre, PT OCS and owner of SMPT. “To continue to complement the work of our referring doctors and to ensure our patients receive the best possible physical therapy available, I recently received Board Certification in Orthopedics,” reports Scott. Most physical therapy providers in Maine do not share this specialty and the staff at SMPT is proud to offer this expertise to its patients.

“Last year we launched the Arthritis and Rheumatic Disease Program and watching our patients’ continued improvements with everything from day-to-day pain management to the emotional healing that comes from the camaraderie of our support group is a tremendous source of satisfaction for our staff,” reports Brenda Ayre, PT and co-owner of SMPT.

Lastly, Deb Cavanaugh and Catherine Schrowang joined SMPT this year and bring with them a wealth of expertise. Deb serves as an adjunct professor in the Graduate Program for physical therapy at the University of New England and is completing her doctorate in PT this fall. “As a graduate of UNE myself, I remember the rigorous studies and discipline expected of its students and having Deb serve as a professor demonstrates her commitment to the continued success of the profession,” says Scott.

Scott and Brenda, together with the staff at SMPT, invite you to stop by either the South Portland or Westbrook location to learn more about why SMPT is unlike other physical therapy providers.

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