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Dudziak’s Gymnastics

Has geared up for another exciting year of flips, twists, and fun with several programs for kids of all ages! Voted Maine’s 2013 USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Club of the Year, Dudziak’s has provided Southern Maine with a mix of fun athletic programs that match quality instruction with competitive pricing since 1994. Dudziak’s is also proud to continue their newest program, Mind & Muscle Preschool, for the 2013-2014 academic year - one of the first fitness-based educational preschools in the state of Maine! This 12,000 sq ft state-of-the-art gymnasium is the most equipped facility in the Northeast, with its 2 floors, 3 tumble tracks, 4 trampolines, newly renovated birthday party room, and 5000sq ft dedicated entirely to tumbling and trampoline. In addition to their impressive facility, they’re known for their qualified and friendly staff, making Dudziak’s Gymnastics home to the strongest balance of gymnastic training! Visit www.DudziaksGymnastics.com or call 207-286-3685 for more information regarding their programs.

Help make your child’s school healthier

Because children spend most of their time in classrooms, schools are an ideal setting for healthy behaviors to be taught and modeled. Therefore, parents are speaking up and getting involved in an effort to improve the health of their children at schools.

One Washington, D.C. mother of two Roots Charter School students recognized the need for her children’s school to incorporate more physical activities into the school day.

“The obesity rate among children is at an all-time high, so getting our kids to be active is more crucial than ever,” said Michelle Jones. “I want to make sure my children live their lives to the fullest, and getting exercise can help them do that.”

Michelle banded together with other parents to form an advisory council that works with local schools to host events focusing on health and wellness. Activities like yoga, Zumba and healthy eating inspires students, parents and community members to be physically active and make healthier food choices.

Other schools are making healthy changes through programs with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

CDC), which supports communities across the country by making healthy living easier where people live, work, learn, and play.

Through help from the CDC, communities all over the country are making improvements. A New York City School District made 800,000 daily meals healthier by ensuring that foods and drinks meet certain standards for sodium, fat and calories. A school district in Las Cruces, New Mexico has opened physical activity space to the community during after-school hours.

Such improvements can help prevent obesity -- a serious and growing public health concern that increases an individual’s chance of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, several types of cancer, and other health problems.

Eating well and participating in regular physical activity not only has health benefits, but they also have been linked with better academic achievement by enhancing important skills like concentration and attentiveness. For example, students who eat foods rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals are more likely to perform better than students whose diets are heavy in unhealthy foods, like sweets and fried foods.

Parents can learn more about improving health in their local schools and communities at www.MakingHealthEasier.org.

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