2013-09-13 / Front Page

Field of candidates set for elections

By Jack Flagler
Staff Writer

The field of candidates for November’s local elections in South Portland and Cape Elizabeth are set, and there will be some competition for both school board and council seats in both communities this fall.

In South Portland, two at-large city council seats held by Mayor Tom Blake and Councilor Alan Livingston will be decided by voters. Blake decided to run for re-election, while Livingston will not seek another term.

Three additional candidates join Blake in competition for the two seats. Carol Thorne, a former member of the South Portland Planning Board and area real estate agent, is joined on the ballot by Maxine Beecher, a councilor who stepped down for a year because of term limits. Richard Matthews, a member of the South Portland Board of Education, rounds out the ballot.

Residents will be asked to vote for two names out of the group of four candidates. The two leading vote-getters will win the seats.

The only contested school board race in South Portland will be in District 1, where Chairman Richard Carter will face challenger Eugene Swiger of Boyd Street. District 2 incumbent Sara Goldberg and at-large incumbent Mary House will run unopposed for another term in their respective seats.

Voters will also decide the five election warden positions and five ward clerks. Wardens are the presiding officers at the city’s polling places, while ward clerks assist the wardens in their duties.

One candidate will appear on the ballot for each of the warden positions in the city’s five districts: Philip Gaven in District 1, Timothy Baker in District 2, Alan Gay in District 3, Mark Potter in District 4 and Linwood Leland in District 5.

Robert A. Foster, Daniel Kane, Kathryn Adams, Judy Carpenter and Eric Booker took out papers for ward clerk positions. Four of the five candidates, all except Kane, collected the required signatures to appear on the ballot.

Cape Elizabeth will decide upon candidates for two town council seats and two board of education positions. Councilor Caitlin Jordan is seeking re-election for her seat, while Frank Governali chose not to run for another term. Imad Khalidi of Pilot Point Road and Martha McAuslan of Park Circle join Jordan on the ballot.

The school board race will also feature one incumbent and two potential newcomers. Michael Moore will seek re-election, but Mary Townsend will not. William Gross of Sea View Avenue and Susana Measelle Hubbs will each seek their first term on the board of education.

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