2013-09-27 / Letters

Let’s get to root of problem

To the editor:

The recent case of two 15-year-old girls charged with cruelty in the abuse of a kitten that was put in a microwave here in South Portland should give us all pause.

What are we teaching our children today? Something is very wrong with society when girls this age engage in this type of behavior and then post it online.

All citizens need to be constantly vigilant to help in preventing this type, or any other type, of abuse. Luckily, the kitten was OK and is now safe at a shelter.

We also need to explore why teens act out like this. Are there problems at home, abuse by a boyfriend, bullying at school?

May I suggest as part of their restitution to society that these juveniles be required to volunteer at a women’s or animal shelter to observe the wonderful work that is done there every day to help the abused and neglected in our society. I hope these teens have learned their lesson and that the kitten finds a good home.

Don Kimball
Cruelty Investigator
Peace and Justice for Animals
South Portland

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