2013-09-27 / Letters

Tar sands scare is a hoax

To the editor:

The famous scam artist P.T. Barnum of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus could not have dreamed up a bigger hoax than the tar sands scare of 2013.

The news reports out of Canada appear clear that tar sands are not coming to South Portland. The Canadian government is working on creating jobs in Canada for Canadian citizens by helping Canadian businesses build a pipeline to a Canadian oil port that will ship tar sand products from Canada, worldwide, see dateline: Saint John, N.B. — “Where oil meets water: The final stop for the Energy East pipeline -” The Globe and Mail -Published Saturday, Aug. 31, 2013.

The panic brought on by a few locals with so-called good intentions, supported by “out of state big money” has been unnecessary, and I am disappointed by the many business owners that have chosen to hitch their wagon to such a baseless cause.

Were P.T. Barnum alive today, no doubt the Maine Mall would be replaced by the largest circus tent in the world to house some of these business owners and other willing participants in this hoax who would be seen clanking together small cymbals like mechanical monkeys.

The unfortunate and unintended consequences of scaring our citizens into passing an ordinance that we do not need will likely erode the quality of life enjoyed here when tax-paying and job-creating businesses shy away from development or expansion that sustain a large portion of our tax base and create jobs. Message to South Portland industry: you are no longer welcome here.

Further, recreation land we now enjoy that rests upon private property such as a large portion of Bug Light Park will likely end up sold or developed for other purposes as businesses divest themselves from ownership in the now unfriendly business environment in South Portland.

Thinking and logical decision-making are falling by the wayside in this environment of fear tactics. Facts are the first thing ignored by those who fall prey to the perpetrators of hoaxes such as we see here. If there were plans in the works to pipe tar sands to South Portland, then I am confident the city would undergo a thoughtful and in-depth review of those plans.

My fellow citizens, please read the article out of Saint John, N.B. and consider the fact that there is no plan to bring tar sands to South Portand and then vote no on this needless ordinance.

Craig Skelton
South Portland

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