2013-10-04 / Letters

Lobsterman: vote for ordinance

To the editor:

I am a boat owner and recreational lobsterman in South Portland. I support the Waterfront Protection Ordinance and urge others to do the same. My family depends on the clean air and clean water of Casco Bay as many families do. It has taken years of hard work to restore Casco Bay, and we cannot risk contamination by a spill from a tanker loaded with tar sands oil that would devastate the ecology of our bay and risk the livelihoods of our local professional fishermen.

I am writing to ensure that everyone understands that marinas and marine uses, including boat fueling, will all continue to be perfectly acceptable and allowable activities under the ordinance.

We use and maintain our boat year-round out of Breakwater Marina in South Portland. I have studied the issue and I know that the Waterfront Protection Ordinance will not have any impact at all on the marina, but it will help protect Casco Bay from toxic tar sands oil. Likewise, boat owners at other marinas in South Portland can be confident that the ordinance has been designed to let boat owners and marinas maintain their boats and obtain and sell fuel, as the city’s current zoning ordinance sets out. I urge all boat owners to learn the facts and to vote for the Waterfront Protection Ordinance.

Deborah Dawson
Cape Elizabeth

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