2013-10-04 / Letters

Stop bad development from happening

To the editor:

In a few weeks, South Portland will vote on a waterfront protection ordinance that will affect all of Portland harbor. Exxon Mobile is building a processing plant at Bug Light that will serve as a primary processing plant for Canadian oil, which will then be shipped overseas predominately to China. This processing plant includes two large smokestacks that will emit pollution and a foul smell. Anybody who remembers the chicken processing plant in the same location or the paper mill in Westbrook will know how far this odor and pollution will spread.

This will hurt every business in the Portland area, especially on the waterfront, and will affect every property owner in the region, from Falmouth to Cape Elizabeth.

The Waterfront Protection Ordinance will stop this processing plant from being built, but will not change anything else for the oil industry in Portland harbor. The oil companies are implying that if the ordinance is passed, all kinds of jobs will be lost. In fact, they will be able to continue doing exactly what they do now. There is nothing in this ordinance that prohibits anything they currently do, and the demand for oil is certainly high enough to ensure their jobs will be around for a long time. This is the cheapest and easiest location for Exxon to put its primary processing and export plant on the East Coast. But that does not make Portland harbor the best choice for such a plant.

We can stop this from happening by voting for the Waterfront Protection Ordinance.

Robin Elliott
South Portland

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