2013-10-11 / Letters

Let’s protect all by voting for ordinance

To the editor:

We who live in South Portland are all part of a moment in history when we can make a huge difference for the future, not only for our beautiful city, but for all of Maine – not to mention the whole northeast and frankly, the whole planet.

However, what I really care about is my little part of the world. Yes, it’s selfish and isn’t it wonderful that what is selfish for a great many of us, is also good for all of us? By stopping the tar sands oil, we protect our drinking water and our farmland, we protect our working waterfront and the sea life of Casco Bay and beyond. We protect ourselves as a scenic destination and a spectacular place to live and visit. We protect the four-legged and the winged-ones that share our space and we protect the very air we all breathe.

It is the citizens of South Portland who now have a collective opportunity to stand our ground – with a vote, not a gun – to protect Mother Earth against those who would bleed her dry to make a profit. That is the bottom line. And we can stop it. Protect South Portland and we help protect the planet. Vote for the Waterfront Protection Ordinance.

L. M. Tate
South Portland

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