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To state officials: uphold Constitution

To the editor:

An open letter to our state representatives and senators:

What the Affordable Care Act will mean to Maine citizens – increased health insurance premiums mean less disposable income for meals, movies, any extra purchases. It also means less money for necessities, such as heat, electricity, water, and mortgage/rent. My family is already stretched to the limit; so are many others. Or perhaps this kind of stress and financial hardship is part of the plan?

Your constituents do not want the ACA. We want you all to follow our constitution and return our liberty. The ACA has been changed solely by the president, without congressional approval, to make his supposed voting block happy. Once again, unconstitutional. But if anyone else wants to make a change this is unacceptable.

This president is not a dictator, despite how he acts. How dare he stop our veterans from going to their war memorial? Really? Fences and guards at an open-air monument? That costs more money than leaving it available. How can he pick and choose whom to inconvenience? And telling our forest rangers, park rangers, etc. to make things as difficult as possible? In the United States of America? We will not stand for this. The park service has closed the road to an inn in the Carolinas and stopped the innkeeper from doing business, even though the inn is not a property of the U.S. government – to what end, other than harassment of our citizens?

You may call me any name you wish. Those of us on the side of the constitution are not terrorists or anarchists – far from it. Those who give support to those who choose to ignore the constitution and choose to harass our people are making a big mistake. We will prevail because we are right – because we stand for individual freedom not big, expansive government. This president deigns to deny our soldiers, airmen and marines the ability to enjoy some time with U.S. baseball and football by shutting off their radio and TV network, and yet continues to keep the golf course he uses open for his use. Once again, he is not a dictator and we are not his subjects.

He refuses to negotiate over the ACA and/or the debt. And yet he has never submitted a budget to Congress, as is his constitutional duty. He had only disdain and name-calling regarding raising the debt limit as a senator. Listen to him today.

Speaking of the debt, the president continues to say we cannot default on our debts. He is constitutionally required to pay the interest on the debt, so if we default, the blame lies squarely on his shoulders. We take in more than enough money to pay the interest on the debt and many other bills. I just heard recently that the treasury paid $9 million to educate people about the new $100 bill. Seriously? 9 million? Post a picture on Facebook for free and call it good. How many of us actually see a $100 bill during the course of a week?

And of course, the latest insult to all of us, no flights for families to greet the remains of their loved ones killed in action and no death benefit payment so they can bury their dead. He can pick and choose which of our laws he chooses to enforce; he can also tell the secretary of defense to pay these death benefits and arrange transportation for the families. I sincerely hope that our people will wake up to what is happening in our country, before our children and their children are forced to pay the price, long after we are gone. Please, think about your oath to support and defend the constitution, and then develop a spine and do so. We are counting on you – you are our representatives and are to be responsive to us – not to party leaders. Our constitution is the law of the land, and was so long before the ACA was shoved down our throats without any of you reading it beforehand.

Kathryn Collins
South Portland

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