2013-10-25 / Letters

Keep tar sands out

To the editor:

The prospect of an ordinance designed to keep tar sands out of Maine, being defeated is a terrifying one. It is not either an environmental issue or economic one, but a dire threat to both Maine’s economy and environment. In addition, it poses great health risks to Maine residents.

A single malfunction in the process of moving tar sands threatens to destroy our coastline, which will in turn decimate the tourism industry thousands of Mainers depend on to feed their families. A state-coined “Vacationland” will not thrive if nobody wants to visit a coastline covered in sticky poisonous tar sands. Our fish and lobster industries are at risk, not to mention the impact a spill would have on merchants, restaurants, boat tours, bus lines, state parks and hotels – to name a small few. Consider the impact on communities in this country who have suffered a spill. What will happen to our property values?

Our coastline is a national treasure and one I am continuously amazed by. As residents of this incredible state, it is our responsibility to protect what makes living in Maine so special – beautiful beaches, pristine islands, waterfront communities. Big oil companies have lots to gain here and it has nothing to do with protecting our ports.

Tar Sands is the dirtiest fuel on earth. The process by which this goop is moved requires the releasing of toxic chemicals that will contaminate the very air we breath and the water we drink. Big oil has enormous resources to campaign for their own interests. Don’t let the big, fancy misleading signs jeopardize our best interests as residents of Maine. This state means nothing to the oil companies and if they destroy it, they will simply move on to the next profitable location.

Please vote for the ordinance designed to keep tar sands out.

Sandy Shapiro-Hurt
Cape Elizabeth

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