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Questions answered

To the editor:

Some folks have asked me what the pretty blue and green signs that are scattered through the city of South Portland stand for. They want to know why they should vote yes for the Municipal Service Facility and what is it? I am part of a small group of citizens (Friends of the Municipal Services Facility) that took it upon themselves to try to help you to see the importance of this bond and why it should pass. Here’s our attempt to clarify and also to give you some information that may persuade you to vote yes on the municipal services bond on the ballot this Nov. 5.

What is the Municipal Service Facility?

It is the present O’Neil Street public works garage, bus garage and recreation department equipment storage. It is where the salt for winter is stored and the city gas pumps are located

What’s wrong with it?

Built in 1930s; some buildings are condemned; located in an A residential zone (single family homes).

Safety issues

Isn’t ADA compliant; no female accommodations; not safe for our workers; lack of correct lifts; entrance/exit is into a busy intersection; no big truck wash for salt removal just garden hoses.

Where would we build a new public works garage, bus garage and recreation department equipment storage (the Municipal Services Facility)?

On Highland Avenue in the transfer facility space owned by the city where residents bring brush and leaves, away from houses.

What will it cost?

The 20-year bond would be for $14 million plus interest. “New” dollars out of your pocket will be limited and only raise your tax rate two years of the 20-year bond. In year 2017 the bond would cost you 7 cents on $1,000 of your tax assessment. In 2018 that would drop to 2 cents per $1,000. Beginning 2018/2019 the city will pay off a bond and those dollars can shift over to pay this new bond and your tax increase is gone.

Please consider voting yes. The time is right and so are the costs.

Maxine Beecher
South Portland

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