2013-10-25 / Letters

Read ballot question

To the editor:

The group that is led by our mayor is going around manipulating the truth about the referendum question on the ballot for the Waterfront Protection Ordinance. They are telling citizens that a yes vote will keep tar sands out of South Portland. They are saying also that it will not affect the businesses already on the waterfront.

Well, if you read the ballot question, it clearly has many effects on today’s waterfront businesses. The ordinance states that they cannot upgrade or expand their business. If businesses cannot make upgrades in the future to keep their business and the waterfront safe, who would be to blame?

Also, in years to come, if the ordinance was passed, it would cost the city lots of money to take care of the legal cost brought on by lawsuits. The ordinance is misinforming and should not be on ballot as stated. The mayor should have done his job in making sure that this ordinance was fair and safe for the city.

People, read the question before you vote.

Brian Wallace
South Portland

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