2013-10-25 / Letters

Two supported for council

To the editor:

We are writing to express our support for Maxine Beecher and Carol Thorne for South Portland City Council. These two women are proven community leaders and will be tremendous assets in ensuring that our city council works together for the betterment of South Portland.

Maxine has spent many years in service to our community. She has already served us well during her previous three terms on the city council; she was termed out last year. Maxine is a feisty proponent of the best interests of South Portland and its residents. She led our comprehensive plan committee; the committee took an indepth and global view of the history, present and potential future of South Portland, engaged community members, thoroughly studied the cause and effect of various paths, and created a plan which included all stakeholders and which laid out the path for the future of our city. She is most deserving of reelection.

Carol Thorne has also proven herself as a community leader, representing our interests on the planning board from 1996 to 2011. She also worked on the comprehensive plan committee, engaging residents as we collaborated and came up with a plan and vision for South Portland. Over the years, we have respected her thoughtful, considerate and deliberate approach. She is honest and forthright. She has been a board member who puts in any and all time needed to thoroughly study and understand issues before her. We are grateful that she is willing to serve on our city council and know that she will work in a collaborative way to improve the future of our community.

Through their public service, both women have shown careful, thoughtful and logical consideration of issues that have impacted South Portland in the past and we hope that our fellow residents will join us in voting for Carol Thorne and Maxine Beecher for city council on Nov. 5.

Kathy DiPhilippo
Craig Skelton
South Portland

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