2013-10-25 / Letters

Vote for air, water, fish

To the editor:

I know everyone is very confused about the Waterfront Protection Ordinance and the big oil guys disguised as Portland Pipe Line Co.

Big oil claims the Waterfront Protection Ordinance is totally unnecessary since they had no plans to reverse the flow of the pipe to bring tar sands here. Is this a Halloween trick or the old bait and switch? Do they really think we’re so stupid that we don’t remember what they claimed only last week – “We have no plans to reverse the flow of the pipe and bring tar sands to South Portland.”

Now, as a last straw effort they are “officially withdrawing their extended DEP permit. Permit? For what, you ask? The permit to bring tar sands here. Why would they ask to reverse something they claimed to have never had?

These people are not our friends, they do not care about our working waterfront, our air, our water, tourism, fishing, recreation or our health. It’s all about lining their pockets. Not the kind of friend anyone wants.

Remember the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life”? When George Bailey never existed, Mr. Potter took over and turned the place into Pottersville. We don’t want that here and it could happen, only it would be Tarville.

If you love South Portland, stop listening to their slick lies and scare tactics. They will tell you anything because they have billions at stake. Remember, the big shots don’t have to breath the air and fish the waters here, they don’t live here – we do. Vote FOR protecting our air and water.

Nancy Wallerstein
South Portland

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