2013-10-25 / Letters

Voter backs mayor

To the editor:

This is a brief letter about vision and about South Portland’s mayor and Councilor Tom Blake. I support Tom Blake for re-election to the South Portland City Council. My support is born of many things I’ve come to know about Tom over several years, including his fine constituent service, his thoughtfulness and personal kindnesses, his attention to detail, his curiosity and his unending love for his hometown of South Portland. But it is his creative and clear vision that I admire most.

Tom is able to look back into his long history in South Portland as a student, a fireman and paramedic, a business owner, a volunteer, a teacher, a coach and a tax-paying homeowner and use that rich experience to our advantage. He is one of the fascinating people I know who can weave the past into a vision for the future, using the best ideas and ideals as a springboard and rejecting failed policies and ways of doing things that hold us back.

In the sometimes thankless job of city councilor, it is very easy to get caught up in the politics of the moment or the issue or controversy of the day, but it is very hard to maintain a clear vision. But a clear vision is what makes for a good city councilor and leader. And Tom has that gift and stays focused not only on the day-to-day business of the city and its citizens, but also on how each and every action and decision should further our collective vision for our city.

Good places to work and live don’t happen by accident. Tom has tirelessly helped assure my family and yours that we live in a city that is desirable, that has healthy schools, that grows more jobs and businesses and that is poised to evolve and progress for the next 50 or 100 years of our history. Tom wins elections and wins over even his opponents – not because he’s good at politics – but because he is good at what he does and people recognize it.

For the thoughtful things this man does without fanfare, for the hard and often unappreciated work of being a councilor, for the legacy of preservation of open space, creation of first-class trails and parks, for his tireless focus on ways to keep our taxes from rising and, most of all, for his vision for our city, its kids, its families and its sense of being a home to us all, Mayor Tom Blake has my strongest endorsement, my thanks and my vote.

Jaimie Schwartz
South Portland

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