2013-11-29 / Letters

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To the editor:

This week, something very positive and encouraging happened for the city of South Portland. Our city council voted in the majority (6 to 1) to take the first step in implementing a moratorium to ban tar sands oil from South Portland. This marks the beginning of an important process: recovering the power to make a monumental decision on whether or not tar sands oil will be a part of South Portland’s legacy. This power is back where it belongs for any city – in the hands of its citizens and city government.

Although I was one of the hundreds of citizens who worked hard to get the Waterfront Protection Ordinance in place, I share the sentiment of the majority in that no one wants tar sands pumped through, exported from or stored in South Portland. So, how do we proceed to this goal? I would encourage every resident to stay engaged by writing your council members, reading the papers, attending meetings, speaking out about your city and your concerns until the moratorium is in place and until a strong and complete ordinance is also in place.

We have a unique opportunity to change our city’s landuse zoning and we must all work together to this end. We have this opportunity because the citizens of this city learned the truth about the dirtiest oil on earth, tar sands, and because our city council listened. But they need our continued support, communication and encouragement to see this process to the end.

Melinda Timpf
South Portland

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