2013-11-29 / Letters

Council did right thing

To the editor:

Last week, the majority of the South Portland City Council wisely chose to support a moratorium to prevent development of infrastructure that would allow the Portland-Montreal Pipe Line to bring tar sands into South Portland. I would like to extend my thanks to them and encourage them to vote to fully implement the moratorium at its second reading in December.

The six councilors who voted to pass the moratorium are preventing the oil corporation from applying for and obtaining permits to complete a project they had plans to begin in 2009. The project is making steady progress in Canada with pipeline that is attached to the one here in our city as Exxon Mobil knows there are financial profits in tar sands production and export.

Fortunately, our city councilors are showing South Portlanders they care about our health, well-being, environment and the city’s safety and property values. By putting this moratorium into place our councilors are standing up for the residents and stopping the danger of tar sands.

Standing up to the Exxon Mobil/Portland Pipe Line Corp. won’t be easy. I encourage the residents of South Portland to reach out to our city council and let them know you support them in their task of keeping tar sands out of South Portland despite the pressure the oil company puts on us. Our residents need to have a strong ordinance that stops tar sands. We only have one natural drinking water supply, one Casco Bay and one South Portland. Let’s keep all of them safe by supporting an ordinance that will protect what we care so deeply about.

Crystal Goodrich
South Portland

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