2013-11-29 / Letters

Time out is needed

To the editor:

South Portland’s City Council meeting Nov. 18 was a successful gathering about having a proposed 180-day moratorium regarding the reversal of the Portland Pipeline and bringing in tar/oil sands. In view of the perceived divisiveness that exists within the community after the election, let me say that it behooves all sides in this issue to support this moratorium. Citizens filled the meeting to capacity and comments about the moratorium were by and large positive, although the pipeline representative’s reactions remained adverse.

Lobsterman Greg Griffin said during the meeting and emphasized that he has been a “steward” of Casco Bay his whole life. Another lobsterman, Ted Rainer, pointed out that we all must be stewards of the environment – and no matter how high emotions run, that is the heart of the matter. So now is the time for all sides to come to the negotiation table, to put aside any bad feelings for the good of all concerned while creating a new ordinance to maintain our stewardship of our much loved port and environment.

This moratorium will give everyone in the community time to heal after the election and vote, and will exhibit the good faith of Portland Pipeline in view of its previous remarks that it has no intention of bringing tar/oil sands to South Portland. This time-out and writing of a new ordinance is the right thing to do for all concerned.

El Fraser
South Portland

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