2013-12-06 / Letters

Put hot tub back in commission

To the editor:

South Portland Hot Waters will soon be a reality with your help. This is a community health-related project – the rebirth of the hot tub at the pool. To benefit everyone, especially the elderly, the disabled, and any with aches and pains. The hot tub has been out of commission for more than a decade after serving many years as a soothing, relaxing meeting place for pool users. With enough local support from both individuals, and business donors, it can operate again.

As the hot tub committee reaches out to the city, please consider giving what you can afford. This is a long-term investment in South Portland.

It’s not fuzzy. It’s not pretty. It can’t fit in your pocket or call your BF. But it can give a warming, relaxing break to swimmers and others when they need it most. Support the hot tub hot waters. Look on the city website. Type “South Portland Hot Waters” in search for a picture, and more information on giving your tax-deductible donation.

William R.Laidley, committee member
South Portland

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