2013-12-20 / Community

Focus on Wildlife

Photo sale benefits Center for Wildlife

Some people like squirrels, some people hate them and some people are ambivalent. I love squirrels, no matter how many bird feeders they have emptied or even destroyed, I find them to be adorable and fairly easy to make friends with.

“There are four who hang out around my yard and I call them my deck pets,” said wildlife photographer Chuck Homler.

Winter is a very hard time for squirrels. Unlike some animals, they don’t hibernate and are active all winter. This requires a lot of energy and that is why you will often see squirrels cache extra food. I toss peanuts out for the blue jays, who do the same thing. When they are hungry they eat and when they aren’t they store the food for later. Despite what you might think about run-ins with cars or predation by hawks or even cats, the number-one cause of squirrel demise is food scarcity. So, it’s nice to lend a friend a helping hand – especially after a snowstorm when their caches may be covered up.

Wildlife photographer and Saco resident Chuck Homler has teamed with the Courier to raise funds for the Center for Wildlife in Cape Neddick. Every week one of his photographs will run in the Courier and be made available for sale on Homler’s Facebook page, www.facebook.com/ FocusOnWildlife. An 8-inch by 10-inch image sells for $10 and will be made available at the offices of the Courier in downtown Biddeford. He will post a notice on the Facebook page when the shipment arrives. For more information, email focusonwildlife@gmx.com. The Center for Wildlife is a nonprofit wildlife medical clinic located in Cape Neddick. Each year, the center treats an average of 1,600 injured and orphaned. To learn more, visit www.yorkcenterforwildlife.org.

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