2013-12-27 / Letters

City council deserves praise

To the editor:

Kudos to the South Portland City Coun-

cil for enacting a six-month moratorium on tar sands activity along our shore. With pressure from both sides of the issue locally and outside threats of lawsuits from the oil lobbies, that can't have been an easy decision — but it was the right thing to do. It's impossible to believe The Portland

Pipe Line's claim that it has no plans for tar sands; no industry would have squandered so much time and money to block an ordinance against tar sands if it were a non-issue. And the oil lobby’s threat of a lawsuit over the moratorium is proof that this issue will not go away unless South Portland squelches it for good. It's critical that the proposed new ordinance committee come up with a plan to protect South Portland from tar sands forever. We simply cannot risk the health and livelihoods of our residents. PPL alone would benefit from tar sands, and then only until the inevitable spill results in crippling damage claims from destroyed fishing, tourism, real estate and other industries dependent on a clean and healthy

Casco Bay. If exporting tar sands is key to Portland Pipe Line’s survival, it may be time for them to rethink their business plan.

Linda Skinner
South Portland

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