2014-01-10 / Letters

All but one did a good job

To the editor:

I would like to congratulate the South Portland City Council for its recent decision to enact a six-month moratorium on tar sands activity, a nearly unanimous vote that sends a clear message to the oil companies concerning their unsavory pursuit of our waterfront’s destruction.

The decision they made must have been a difficult one considering the pressure put on councilors to side with big oil and big money. Yet, to me and to many others living in this community, the vote to limit the development of tar sands was a no-brainer and a logical next step in this ugly battle deciding who is in charge of our waterfront and its future. It is indefensible that Michael Pock, the sole dissenting councilor, would consider allowing 60-foot smoke stacks to be built, emitting toxic chemicals into the air we breathe and the water so precious to our commerce and recreation. I question the judgment of an elected public servant who votes against a moratorium, instead favoring the oil companies’ tenacious battle to allow tar sands to be shipped through our neighborhoods and close to our drinking water supply, our schools, our recreational areas and our wildlife. Considering the risks associated with spillage, the resulting pollution that will inevitably occur and the knowledge that recent tar sands spills elsewhere have damaged beyond recovery the locales in which those spills have occurred, I am appalled that a responsible elected official, who purports to represent the people, would think favoring tar sands is a sound choice for South Portland.

Thank you to the majority of the city councilors for their wisdom and community spirit.

Patricia Mew
South Portland

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