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Perplexed, bewildered, dazed, or confused about Health Care Reform?

The health insurance marketplace (exchange) will be open from October 1st 2013 – March 31,2014. If you currently have an individual health insurance policy, or are uninsured, this affects you!

Karen Vachon, licensed health insurance agent, helps individuals, families, small business owners, and the uninsured navigate health care reform. Doing business the old fashion way, Vachon works face to face with clients helping them navigate their health insurance options; identify their eligibility for a premium tax credits and subsidy, and guiding people through the application process.

Serving the under -65 market and senior market, Vachon’s approach is different. She gets up close and personal to the individual needs of her clients and their situations, tapping into all available resources to protect life’s twist, turns, and surprises.

Are you are tired of 1-800-eternal hold? Would you prefer having a live, local person help you navigate your choices and service your changing needs? Feeling perplexed, bewildered, dazed, and confused? Call Karen. There is no fee for her service.

Think you need a hearing

If you need or think you might need a hearing aid, you should call Mark Vail today — he’ll test and evaluate you for the hearing aid you need in the comfort of your home and you’ll be happy with it.

By visiting people in their homes, Mark can make the best assessment of what the person’s needs are. Sometimes, he visits people at their places of work because of concerns there. This attention to detail shows up in the low return rate he has.

You can reach Mark Vail at 284-9600 or toll free at 877-284-3400. Call today and you’ll be hearing better soon.

Rolnick Chiropractic

DR. ELLIE’S HEALTH TIPS Health Tip of the Month: Thousands of food additives are added to US foods, but seven of the worst include highfructose corn syrup, synthetic trans fats, artificial flavors, monosodium glutamate (MSG), artificial colors, artificial sweeteners and preservatives. Many of the food additives that are perfectly legal to use in US foods are banned in other countries due to health concerns. High-Fructose Corn Syrup is damaging to the liver and leads to obesity due to the fact that it is converted into fat cells directly by the liver. Research also shows that corn syrup can block messages to the brain that communicate “fullness.” Artificial sweeteners such as aspartame (Nutrasweet) are neurotoxic and have negative affects on the nervous system and over time ingestion can mimic symptoms of MS. Sucrolose (Splenda) is made from chlorinated sugar and disrupts the digestive tract by messing with intestinal flora (an important part of immune system function). Trans fats (any fat / oil with the word hydrogenated in front of it) contributes to cancer, diabetes, reproductive issues and cardiac disease which may lead to heart attacks. Artificial colors and food dyes have been linked to cancer, brain tumors and hyperactivity in children. Artificial Flavors (usually listed in ingredients as “artificial flavors” can contain at least 50 chemicals to make up the desired flavor. One flavor chemical used in “buttered” popcorn has been shown to cause brain disorders. MSG, a flavor enhancer found in countless food products and snack foods is another known neurotoxin, disrupting brain and nervous system function. Use of MSG can lead to symptoms of Parkinsons, Alzheimers and Lou Gehrig’s disease. Food preservatives such as BHA, BHT can cause severe brain disorders. Preservative TBHQ can actually kill you in high doses (5 grams). And sodium nitrate, found in most processed meats is carcinogenic and may lead to cancer. I do my best to avoid these additives like the plague!! If you want to read a very thorough article on these ingredients go to www.mercola.com and search the 12/30/13 article about the worst food ingredients.

Thought for the Month: Read food labels carefully. Typically, the longer the list of the ingredients the worse the product is for you!!

Chiropractic Thought for the Month: In this world of chemicals, environmental toxins, drugs and processed foods, isn’t it nice that there is something 100% natural like chiropractic to keep you healthy. Chiropractic care adds nothing to the body (like drugs), not does it take anything away (like surgery). Chiropractic care’s natural approach to health is by removing spinal nerve stress with gentle adjustments to the spine allowing the body to perform better and be healthier by improving nerve flow to all the vital organs and systems in the body. For more information, call Rolnick Chiropractic at 207-283-1168 or check out our web page at www.rolnickchiropractic.com

Bartlett Acupuncture Offers Fast & Effective Pain Relief

An experienced hand, acupuncturist Kath Bartlett, offers pain relief as soon as she inserts the hair-like needles. It seems magical and unbelievable. Her patients complete a series of treatments to consolidate effects for longer results.

Prior to contacting Bartlett, runner Ron Terry tried many standard treatments for chronic tendinitis to no avail. “The resulting visits to Kath’s office have been professional and SUCCESSFUL! I was impressed with her grasp of sports injuries. Her methodologies appear based on sound research and practice. Kath Bartlett is candid, professional and sincere.”

Visit www.BartlettAcupuncture.com to see a video demonstrating the instantaneous treatment of many types of pain.

The Home Energy Savings Program

The Home Energy Savings Program, or HESP from Efficiency Maine is providing the most accessible support for homeowners who need to re-insulate their homes,” reports Mark Walker, General Manager of Home Snuggers. To help them cut their heating bills, Efficiency Maine will rebate up to $1,500 to customers. And almost all new Home Snuggers customers qualify for at least $1,000 from Efficiency Maine.

Home Snuggers is a Windham based family business founded in 2011, solely for the purpose of re-insulating homes in Maine. Their premier product, RetroFoam, is a super insulation technology tested in thousands of existing American homes over the last 10 years. Homeowners typically slash their heating bills by one third with the addition of RetroFoam to their exterior walls. RetroFoam seals all the gaps and cracks where heat escapes and eliminates drafts.

Anyone interested in financing the modest cost of a RetroFoam installation - an average home is only $2,500 to $4,000 - can apply for a low interest PACE Loan from Efficiency Maine. Energy savings usually cover the monthly loan payments, which makes it easy to pay off quickly.

According to Walker, “Everyone knows energy costs will rise in coming years. Home Snuggers provides healthy and affordable insulation, while being a neighbor of integrity in our communities.” It is noteworthy that RetroFoam is totally eco-friendly. Eric Hallee, Vice President of Chase Customs Homes points out, “RetroFoam doesn’t produce vapors, and installers do not need protective gear.”

Customers speak highly of Home Snuggers. Exclaimed Deborah King of Cape Elizabeth on one cold, sunny morning as she walked into the office: “It is so hot in here, you have to turn the heat down. Apparently the RetroFoam is working. The heat wasn’t even on!”

Efficiency Maine’s Home Energy Savings Program will likely be funded through July 31, 2014. Homeowners should take advantage of this incentive of up to $1,500 for upgrading their house while also cutting their home heating bills.

Fitness: A Key to Healthy Aging

By Kelly Hassett, MedCOR Professionals

We’ve all heard it before: Staying active is one of the keys to healthy aging. Those of us without health or mobility issues have many options. We walk the mall with a friend, swim laps in the community pool, even enjoy a weekly game of tennis. But what about those of us who are recovering from an illness or injury? Thankfully, everyone, even seniors with mobility limitations, can be active and reap the benefits of a fitness routine.

The benefits of staying active are well documented. Movement improves mood, fosters healthy sleep patterns, increases circulation and energy, and relieves stress. The question is not whether or not to be active, but how to start if you are not.

The key is to focus on what you can do, rather than on what you cannot. And that’s where a trusted physical therapist as well as a reputable local rehabilitation and medical equipment company can help. Let the specialists give advice as to the routine and equipment that will work best for you. If an injury or illness has left you with pain, consider non-narcotic options such as muscle stimulation, traction and supports to increase comfort and range of motion while decreasing pain so you’ll feel more inclined to commit to a new exercise regimen. Light resistance bands and free weights can then rebuild muscle tone, bone mass and improve balance. Canes, crutches, walkers and rollators help you to navigate securely, and most importantly, to get moving again. And more good news— if you have a doctor’s recommendation, many private insurance companies and Medicare will help pay for this equipment.

So, if you or a loved one can benefit from a more active lifestyle, check with the doctor and talk with local specialists. Make a plan and commit to it for four weeks, the amount of time it takes for a new activity to become a habit. Try not to get discouraged, and strive to make the process enjoyable. Talk with a friend, listen to music, watch a movie while you exercise. It’s your life, and there’s no time to lose.

Every moment is a “new year.”

Every moment we have the choice to do -- or not do -- something to improve our lives. The choice can be related to any aspect of our lives: physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. It might concern food, weight, activity, work, relationships ... the list is endless. And within each endless list are more possibilities.

This business about New Year’s Resolutions beginning on January 1st is pure convenience. Setting a date for goals -- such as a “quit date” for stopping smoking, can definitely be helpful; however, missing that date does not mean it’s too late. We just choose another date. Pick a date, any date. Better yet, pick a moment, any moment.

In my work with clients, I help them set reasonable attainable goals. And then we work together through successes and setbacks . . . one moment at a time. _______________________________________________________ Ceci Haynsworth, APRN, CNS, is a psychiatric clinical nurse specialist who offers counseling and coaching broadly focused on health, wellness, and choices, at Conversations About Health, in Portland. You can contact her at 846-0191, or through her website: www.conversationsabouthealth.me.

Providing home care for you and your loved ones

At New England Family Healthcare, we strive to provide the best in-home services for you or your loved ones at affordable rates. Since 2001, we’ve been helping people with personal care (bathing/dressing), light housekeeping, grocery shopping, meal preparation, companionship and the like. If you or a family member have had surgery, are going through a course of treatment, or can no longer do some of the everyday household chores you’ve always done, call us at 699-4663 for a free consultation.

Free Balanced Living Assessments Available

Art of Awareness provides psychotherapy and body centered practices. Our approach is client centered and supports sustainable self care. We are currently accepting new clients for Individual, Couples, Family Therapy, A Coping Skills Group, our Flexible Intensive Treatment (FIT) Program, and Free Balanced Living Assessments.

The Art of Awareness is run by a collaboration of licensed therapists in South Portland. Our therapists are trained to provide therapeutic services for a wide range of mental health and wellness issues. The center provides services for Anxiety, Depression, Trauma Related Disorders, Eating Disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, Substance Abuse, Relationship Issues, Life Transitions, LGBT concerns, Grief, and Loss. We accept most commercial health insurance policies and offer services for adults, teens and children.

Our FIT Program is an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program and is offered from 4:30pm to 7:30pm three nights a week. The FIT Program provides treatment for a variety of mental health concerns and specializes in services for Trauma Related Disorders and Disordered Eating.

Cultivating Balance is a non-profit organization affiliated with Art of Awareness. Cultivating Balance aims to improve public health and awareness by providing affordable resources and supports for sustainable self care and balanced living. Call to get a free Balanced Living Assessment and support to help meet your goals.

A FREE Food and Body Balance Support Group will be offered by Cultivating Balance for all persons who struggle with disordered eating, eating disorders, or want to improve their food and body balance. Group starts Weds. 1/8/14, from 6 to 7pm at MMC’s Dana Center. It will be offered every Weds. For more info.call 207-799-1331 ext. 136

Ida O’Donnell, LCSW; Leslie Connolly, LCSW; Mindy Miller-Muse, LCSW, RYT; Carol Gray-Kelly, LCPC; Fleur Hopper, LCSW; Stephanie Duley, LCPC; Meghan Gorchoff, LCPC; John Rich, LCSW; Kristen Funkhouser- Pierce, MA,AT; Karina Chandler, LMSW-CC; Bretton Neider, LMSW-CC; Stephanie Rose Tranchmontagne, Intern; and Renee Dubois, Intern work together as the center’s treatment team.

We have a vision of the Center being a place where safety, balance, and creative healing are the foundation of our work. Please contact us at 207-799-1331 ext. 101 to discuss your treatment needs and to inquire about our services. Art of Awareness is located at 813 Broadway in South Portland. View our website at www.artofawareness.org.


We have the answer. Looking for relief from chronic pain that can actually improve your health? Reduce pain, sleep better, and increase your body awareness through massage, acupuncture and yoga. Strengthen your body’s own healing mechanism naturally. Put yourself in the hands of the skilled staff at MassageCraft. We have 10 practitioners with over 50 years of combined experience in eastern and western massage techniques, acupuncture and yoga. Not sure whether you need acupuncture or massage? Choose acupuncture for pain complicated by digestive distress, menstrual issues, allergies, insomnia, anxiety or depression. Too sore for a back massage? Acupuncture can alleviate back pain with a few needles placed in the hands. Trying

to cram 48 hours in to a 24 hour day in spite of your pain? A deep tissue massage will work out the stiffness, soreness and knots. All of our therapists are trained in gua sha and cupping, vigorous soft tissue techniques borrowed from Chinese medicine. Both are extremely effective working out stubborn old injuries and revitalizing damaged tissues. MassageCraft & Acupuncture Clinic was established in 1991, with convenient locations in Biddeford and Old Orchard Beach. We accept workers compensation and some private insurance upon benefit verifi -cation.. We offer corporate discounts to UNE, SMMC, and CSI. Call 286- 8416 or 934-0849 for an appointment. OPEN SUNDAYS Please visit us at our web site: www.massagecraft.com.

At Last, a Non-Surgical Answer to ILL-Fitting Lowers Dentures!

Here at Denture Solutions, our denturist, Robert Palermo, utilizes a denture construction process to help correct and prevent the problems associated with ill-fitting dentures. This process is designed to give you the confidence of an intimate fit while maintaining a natural looking smile.

In addition, for most of those who are frustrated with the fit of their lower denture, we can implement a technique using a flexible material that can take advantage of areas a “normal” hard denture cannot access. Commonly, lower dentures simply do not engage all available anatomy of the lower jaw. However, our design utilizes all attainable anatomy to help “lock” the denture securely in place.

The result is a denture that feels like it anchors to your jaw without the aid of implants! With such a snug fit, you can add your favorite foods back into your diet and feel the confidence of a locking lower denture. Call to schedule a free consultation to see how this denture could be the “solution” to your lower denture problems.

For more information, please call 985 0210 or you can go to our website @ www.DentureSolutionsMaine.com

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