2014-02-07 / Community

Focus on Wildlife

The Bald Eagle is a striking bird; a large black and white raptor that symbolizes our nation. We picture them plucking fish from icy rivers and soaring through valleys, but you can also find them stealing fish from osprey and scavenging in landfills. It is for these reasons that Ben Franklin was disappointed that the eagle was our nation’s representative.

When we picture an Eagle in our mind’s eye it is an adult, with a bright white head and tail, a dark black body, and yellow feet and beak. But it takes almost six years for the eagle to mature and to appear that way.

This young eagle is probably about two years old. You can tell because unlike a first year bird, there is a fair amount of white speckling in those brown feathers, but its face and head are still a chocolaty brown. Just this Friday it flew up the river and landed on the ice floes beneath the falls at Route 1 and Water Street in Saco. It stole a piece of bread from a gull, and landed on the ice to retrieve what had been dropped into the water. A print of this image and others featured in the Sentry, can be ordered online by visiting facebook.com/focusonwildlife and clicking on the orange “our Etsy store” button. Use the coupon code “CourierBunting” for a discount; 8x10 prints are $10 for Sentry readers who use this code. To arrange for pick-up at the Sentry, email focusonwildlife@gmx.com or send a message on Facebook. Wildlife photographer Chuck Homler will donate proceeds from photo sales benefit Center for Wildlife, a nonprofit wildlife medical clinic, located in Cape Neddick. Each year, the center treats an average of 1,600 injured and orphaned wild animal patients including native wild birds, small mammals and reptiles. The center works toward its mission to build a sustainable future for wildlife in the community through medical treatment, rehabilitation, educational outreach, research and conservation activities, without state or federal funding. Please consider supporting the Center for Wildlife by purchasing the above print, as all profits will be donated to help them continue their important work. If you are interested in learning more about the CFW, please visit www.yorkcenterforwildlife.org.

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