2014-02-07 / Letters

Committee has important job to do

To the editor:

A big note of thanks to the South Portland City Council in choosing a strong draft ordinance committee and in keeping the tar sands oil moratorium process moving forward. Also, an advanced thanks to those chosen to be on the committee: Russell Pierce Jr., David Critchfield and Michael Conathan. While I don’t envy your work ahead, I feel you will all do the best job possible to keep us safe and healthy and that’s all any of us can do. I admire your courage and bravery to this end.

South Portland, Maine and northeastern New England are not only watching and relying on us, but there is a tremendous amount of support outside the region that most of us cannot even see. I was recently made aware of students speaking out against tar sands with handmade signs referring to us and was very humbled and encouraged.

Portland Pipeline can continue its current use and will keep saying there is no plan to bring tar sands oil here, but beware the word “current,” as plans have been made and could be made again, easily without the proper protection from a major business change for our city.

Melinda Timpf
South Portland

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