2014-02-14 / Letters

Tar sands presentation was eye opening

To the editor:

This past Friday I attended Tar Sands Exposed, held by 350 MAINE at the University of Southern Maine. I was shocked and saddened to see the spectacular wilderness of Alberta, Canada being defaced, all in the name of United States oil self sufficiency.

Our culture is addicted to oil and no one has come up with workable/realistic alternatives. The Waterfront Protection Ordinance is a start, and praise to the South Portland City Council for voting for a moratorium to ensure that there will be no tar sands in the Casco Bay area.

The Keystone XL Pipeline is proof of the oil threat. Any type of oil rupture would deeply affect our way of life in Casco Bay. Tar sands sink and are nearly impossible to clean up. Such a spill would affect businesses, families and our general health. Sadly, some of us might ponder leaving southern Maine. I do not want this to be an option.

First, tar sands must not come to Portland, and second, all sides in this contentious issue must agree upon an energy source that will support business, family life and general health.

John Rich
South Portland

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