2014-03-07 / Letters

Ad was laughable

To the editor:

The full page advertisement in last week’s Sentry by the American Petroleum Industry was hilarious. Let me break it down.

It’s “just oil from Canada” is a brilliant commentary on our society’s addiction to oil. The tone is one that has me visualizing the cool kid convincing his friends to just do drugs. It won’t hurt anyone.

I do wonder what an anti-energy activist even looks like? Those ad folks are really creative. Instead, what I know to exist are local and global residents who are energy-aware citizens who advocate for clean and renewable energy that is safely generated to maintain and/or increase our current standard of living. That includes safety at the source. As I write this, the tar sands/oil sands in Alberta, Canada pollute the communities in which it is mined and causes cancer in its residents – up and down stream.

What is reliable about tar sands/oil sands, is that it is a finite resource. What is extraordinary about it is that tar sands pipeline spills in the U.S. and Canada have caused major health problems in humans and animals, billions of dollars in clean up and no spill site has demonstrated that the land and residents have returned to their original state.

To the creative people at the American Petroleum Institute: instead of spending energy and resources on fighting energyaware citizens, why not invest in research and development of safe and sustainable energy. No joke.

Sharon Herrick
South Portland

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