2014-03-07 / Letters

Big oil misleads again

To the editor:

So the oil companies of South Portland are at it again (full page ad in the Sentry dated Feb. 28), telling us that Canadian “tar sands” are no different from refined petroleum; safe for the environment and will bring economic glory to the North East.

From an industry that told the voting public last November that they had no intention of reversing the Portland Pipe Line or bringing tar sands crude through South Portland, this is an astonishing advertisement. Who exactly are they trying to persuade? Most South Portland citizens know by now that should tar sands be exported through a reversed pipeline, this crude is to be shipped overseas, and will not see the light of day here in the U.S. In actual fact we have more than enough oil to sustain our needs nationally and as demand has dropped domestically, it is necessary for the oil companies to export this crude oil to other countries.

There will be no benefit to the citizens of South Portland whatsoever, only all the risks of a major spill; the possibility of Sebago Lake and Casco Bay being polluted, and even more carcinogens being burned off into the atmosphere. Take heed, this ad is funded by the American Petroleum Institute.

Patricia Whyte
South Portland

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