2014-03-07 / Letters

Not neighborly

To the editor:

I am writing in response to the full page ad the Sentry recently ran paid for by a group called “Energy Citizens.” This is, in fact, a front group for the American Petroleum Institute, the group that chose to spend the better part of a million dollars to influence the recent referendum on tar sands in South Portland. For what reason other than to deceive would they not be honest about their identity?

They reference “anti energy activists” in the text. In all my contacts with Protect South Portland I never encountered a single soul who was “anti energy,” just folks concerned about the safety of our families and neighbors as well as the safety of the air and water we all depend on. The text also references “helping Maine meet its energy needs.” The deliberate deception here is that the pipeline would bring tar sands oil to South Portland for loading onto tankers to export it away from Maine. We would reap no compensating benefit for the potential dangers we would live with. As for boosting the economy and creating jobs, one would only need to Google Kalamazoo Michigan or Mayflower Arkansas to discern the effects of tar sands on their jobs and economy. And finally, they conclude with the kindly and avuncular phrase “safe reliable oil from our neighbors to the north.”

While tar sands do originate in our neighboring country of Canada, there is nothing neighborly about the profit motive of big oil. Neighbors don’t poison neighbors.

Ann Morrill
South Portland

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