2014-03-14 / Letters

Intentions to reverse pipeline are clear

To the editor:

The recent industry-funded Energy Citizens advertisement in the Sentry employs a quote from a National Academies of Science report on the equal risks of tar sands oil transportation and regular oil.

Last month, the same National Academies of Science released, in conjunction with the UK’s Royal Society, another report entitled “Climate Change: Evidence and Causes.” That report states: “Human activities – especially the burning of fossil fuels since the start of the Industrial Revolution – have increased atmospheric CO2 concentrations by about 40 percent, with more than half the increase occurring since 1970.” The report further states: “Continued emissions of these gases will cause further climate change, including substantial increases in global average surface temperature and important changes in regional climate.”

Could the pro-warming activists at Energy Citizens please address that in the next ad they develop at their offices at the American Petroleum Institute in Washington, D.C.?

And why, if Portland Pipeline Corp. has no plans to reverse the pipeline’s flow, are these ads even necessary?

And really, since Maine winters are already in fact getting shorter and warmer, why would we need Canadian oil anyway?

Nik CharovSouth Portland

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