2014-03-14 / Letters

No fear, Mainers read between the lines

To the editor:

Last year, big oil spent more than $600,000 not talking about tar sands and denying their plans to bring this most dangerous fuel under Sebago Lake in old pipes, store it in old tanks near our schools and homes, and burn off the toxic chemicals at Bug Light before exporting it in tanker ships to China.

They published a false-premised study and ran a campaign to convince waterfront businesses and local voters that the South Portland citizens’ initiative to block tar sands was an attempt to destroy the working waterfront. Not true.

Now, the industry has a new campaign built on another untruth: that we Mainers have nothing to fear and much to love about Alberta, Canada’s chemically diluted tar sands oil.

Nothing to fear ?

Ask the First Nation peoples of Alberta, and hundreds of thousands of other concerned Canadians about the now-toxic, ravaged forests, lakes and rivers that used to produce food, jobs, clean air and water. Ask the Canadian doctors who are diagnosing rare cancers in the old and young. Ask the people of Kalmazoo, Mich., and Mayflower, Ark., about how safe it is to have tar sands and its chemical additives racing through old pipes near precious rivers, lakes, wetlands and neighborhoods. Ask them if tar sands can ever be cleaned up when it spills or leaks?

Ask South Portland’s City Council why it formed an ad hoc committee of talented minds to craft a ban on tar sands export from the city it has sworn to protect.

Big oil, don’t insult the intelligence of Mainers.

Karen Sanford
South Portland

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