2014-04-11 / Letters

Don’t take away beauty

To the editor:

It is of the utmost importance to preserve our beautiful state, our lakes region and seacoast against the transportation of tar sands, which puts all this at risk. All you have to do is look at the reports from Canada of the various problems it is having because of the mining of tar sands. Tar sands development is wreaking havoc on both people and wildlife in Canada. It also reduces local water supplies and increases exposure to toxic substances and air pollution.

This is a time when we should embrace a clean energy future and tar sands take us in the wrong direction. We need to focus our energy resources on renewable energy, environmentally sustainable biofuels and smart growth to meet our heating and transportation needs. South Portland is in a good position to help make that happen by standing up to the lies of the big oil companies and stopping the transportation of tar sands coming to our beautiful city and the lakes region.

Eva Abreu
South Portland

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