2014-04-18 / Letters

Cell phones are a disturbance in class

To the editor:

It seems like everyone has a cell phone. At first, I wondered why cell phones were so popular among children. Even in school, students have their phones and they text or play games. I think this is a bad idea for many different reasons.

Smartphones are like computers. People can open their emails or the web. Students can use their phones for cheating during the exams. Sometimes cell phones are distracting in the class. When cell phones are abused in school, it causes disruptions. Some students spend most of class time texting while the teacher is talking. By doing so those students are preventing others from learning important material.

I believe that cell phones should not be allowed in schools to prevent problems that can affect the students. Schools should have strong rules preventing children from bringing their phones to school and parents should make sure that their children follow the school’s rules.

Amira Alsammrai

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