2014-04-18 / Letters

Student extends invitation to event

To the editor:

I came from Russia three years ago to get an American education. I was so excited to come here.

When I came I was surprised because everything was different. I thought I could not adapt in this country. First, climate is opposite to Russian because it is so much warmer and sunnier. Second, language was really hard to understand and speak for me. Third, people looked different because of the style.

American culture seems unreal and unbelievable because freedom is everywhere here. You can do whatever you want. Teenagers in schools and colleges are different, friendly and polite. It is easy to communicate with them and to make new friends. Teachers are happy to give you a hand. Russian teachers are different. For example, my brother was doing his homework and he didn’t understand it so he went to teacher and asked for help. Teacher said no because we must do our homework without any help.

Sports are the same in both countries. I did ice hockey and swimming for eight years in Russia. When I came here I did the same sports. Also I did boxing for two years in Russia, and I want to try to join American team this summer. It will be good experience for me to learn new ways.

Every person can learn something new from another culture. And you can use it in your culture. If you are interested in learning new cultures you can come to my class. We have students from 12 countries. Be smart and come to meet new people.

Alexander Savelyev

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