2014-06-13 / Front Page

Cape teen tries to pass for officer

By Duke Harrington
Contributing Writer

CAPE ELIZABETH — While imitation may be the purest form of flattery, a 17-year-old Cape Elizabeth boy learned that imitating a police officer is the surest way to earn a summons.

According to Cape Elizabeth Police Chief Neil Williams, the boy, whose name is not being released because he is underage, sent a text message to another Cape juvenile in which he tried to pass himself off as Cape Police Officer Rory Diffin.

In the guise of Officer Diffin, the 17-yearold tried to get the person he contacted to give up the phone number of a third person, also a juvenile. Williams declined to reveal the gender of the person texted, or the party whose number was sought, although he did say both are Cape residents.

Why Diffin’s name in particular was invoked is unknown.

“We really have no idea,” Williams said.

The subterfuge was discovered when the person contacted became suspicious by the mysterious messages and called Diffin to verify that he had, in fact, been the one to place the texts.

“Obviously, he had no idea what was going on and we were able to track it back to the person who did it,” Williams said.

Although the tricksting texter has a Sept. 11 court date in Cumberland County Unified Court, Williams said the case will likely be assigned instead to a juvenile justice court officer.

“He was just trying to get a phone number, he wasn’t trying to do anything really bad, it could be that he’ll get what’s called an ‘informal adjustment,’ meaning some form of probation and counseling.”

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