2014-06-13 / Letters

Do it for the children

To the editor:

The Draft Ordinance Committee has it

right when it says that the city of South Portland can prevent tar sands operations through use of its broad home rule authority and general police powers.

Portland Pipeline is wrong when it says that a tar sands facility is just a state/ federal issue. Federal and state laws may regulate certain issues, but the matter of tar sands operations in the city does not end there. The city of South Portland has the power and authority to do more.

There are obviously very compelling reasons for the city to want to prevent tar sands operations. The most compelling reason in my mind is to protect our children from the very harmful environmental impacts of a tar sands operation.

Portland Pipeline shouldn’t be allowed to profit at the expense of the health of our children. Our kids deserve better.

Rick Foss-Lacey
South Portland

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