2014-07-11 / Letters

Keep city safe for everyone

To the editor:

Well, the American Petroleum Institute got at least one thing right in their latest full-page insult to South Portlanders’ intelligence: “Banning American Energy Was Never the Goal” of the Clear Skies Ordinance. Nor will it be the outcome when the city council passes the ordinance, which appears certain (despite the overheard statement by one councilman as he left the June 25 workshop — flanked by oil industry reps — that he has “no intention of voting for that s%*t”). Thankfully, most of our city councilors understand that their mandate is to represent South Portland residents, not Big Oil.

Contrary to API’s falsehoods, under the ordinance, South Portland will continue to provide jobs, innovation and a link to global energy markets, while at the same time ensuring that our city also safeguards its residents’ health and quality of life.

Big Oil is horrified by recent precedents in New York state, where concerned citizens and public officials joined forces against the natural gas industry to allow towns to ban fracking. Big Oil doesn’t want a replay of that here for tar sands, so they are spreading their usual lies and scare tactics, hoping that we are dumb enough to fall for it.

South Portland residents and (most of) their city council have come together in support of the Clear Skies Ordi- nance. Its passage is how we will keep our beautiful city livable, economically vibrant and safe for everyone.

Linda Skinner
South Portland

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