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Providing home care for you and your loved ones

At New England Family Healthcare, we strive to provide the best in-home services for you or your loved ones at affordable rates. Since 2001, we’ve been helping people with personal care (bathing/dressing), light housekeeping, grocery shopping, meal preparation, companionship and the like. If you or a family member have had surgery, are going through a course of treatment, or can no longer do some of the everyday household chores you’ve always done, call us at 699-4663 for a free consultation.

Psychotherapy & Body Centered Practices

Art of Awareness provides psychotherapy and body centered practices. Our approach is client centered and supports sustainable self care. We are currently accepting new clients for Individual, Couples, Family Therapy, a variety of Therapy Groups and our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP).

The Art of Awareness is run by a collaboration of licensed therapists in South Portland. Our therapists are trained to provide therapeutic services for a wide range of mental health and wellness issues. The center provides services for Anxiety, Depression, Trauma Related Disorders, Eating Disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, Substance Abuse, Relationship Issues, Life Transitions, LGBT concerns, Grief, and Loss. We accept most commercial health insurance policies and offer services for adults, teens and children.

Our IOP Program is offered from 4:30pm to 7:30pm three nights a week. The IOP Program provides treatment for a variety of mental health concerns and specializes in services for Trauma Related Disorders and Disordered Eating.

Ida O’Donnell, LCSW; Fleur Hopper, LCSW; Leslie Connolly, LCSW; Mindy Miller Muse, LCSW, RYT; Carol Gray-Kelly, LCPC; Stephanie Duley, LCPC; Meghan Gorchoff, LCPC; John Rich, LCSW; Kristen Pierce, LCPC-C, MA,AT; Karina Chandler, LMSW-CC and Bretton Neider, LMSW-CC, Stephanie Rose Tranchemontagne, Intern and Renee Davis, Intern work together as the center’s treatment team.

We have a vision of the Center being a place where safety, balance, and creative healing are the foundation of our work.

Please contact us at 207-799-1331 ext. 101 to discuss your treatment needs and to inquire about our services. Art of Awareness is located at 813 Broadway in South Portland. View our website at www.artofawareness.org.


At Crossroads, we believe that substance abuse, mental health and cooccurring treatment must build upon and respect people’s unique needs to focus on self -determination, personal choices, positive relationships and connectedness.

Crossroads has provided treatment services for women since 1974. Today, Crossroads serves both men and women using a gender-responsive approach. Utilizing aZ treatment philosophy that is both relational and trauma-informed, Crossroads’ highly trained and specialized clinical staff focus on helping women and men to understand and build healthy relationships in their lives.

An Assisted Living Community

“Come and walk with me… I will be a part of your world and you will be a part of mine”

At The Monarch Center, an Assisted Living community is designed for those people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia. The Center was built in 1999 and Kindred Healthcare has been the proprietor since 2006. Each of the 42 residential apartments offer a private bath and luxury common space such as the elegant living room, gracious dining room and a country-style eat-in kitchen. Each apartment has windows with views of the garden area and the ability to access the courtyard from each neighborhood or wing. We offer a program entitled “Colorscapes” at The Monarch Center. This program is an abilities focused model that focuses on each person’s cognitive ability, not cognitive disability. Colorscapes programming creates a therapeutic environment and assists in people feeling more

successful and less frustrated. The Monarch Center has three different neighborhoods or wings of the building and as people’s needs change, they join the neighborhood that can best meet those needs. Many families have utilized our Short-Term Respite Program as a way to determine if our therapeutic environment would be suitable on a more permanent basis, as well as rejuvenation for the caregiver. At the Monarch Center, we take pride in the quality of life we offer to our residents and the peace of mind we give to family members. Please call Joline Pothier RN, BSN, CHNP, Assistant Center Manager, at 207-284-0900 today and schedule an appointment for a personal tour and more information about our specialized community.

MASSAGE & ACUPUNCTURE… a vacation for your body.

Need help unwinding over vacation? Or perhaps you need to continue your therapeutic massage and acupuncture treatments while you’re away. Put yourself in the hands of the skilled staff at MassageCraft & Acupuncture Clinic. We have 10 practitioners with over 75 years of combined experience in eastern and western massage techniques, acupuncture and yoga. We have served the Biddeford, Saco, Old Orchard community since 1991.

Not sure whether you need acupuncture or massage? Choose acupuncture for pain complicated by digestive distress, menstrual issues, allergies, insomnia, anxiety and depression.

Trying to cram 48 hours in to a 24 hour day? A deep tissue massage will work out the stiffness, soreness and knots. All our practitioners are trained in gua sha and cupping, soft tissue techniques borrowed from Chinese medicine. Both are extremely effective at working out stubborn old injuries and revitalizing damaged tissues.

MassageCraft & Acupuncture Clinic has convenient locations in Biddeford and Old Orchard Beach. We accept workers compensation and some private insurance upon benefit verification. Call 286-8416 or 934-0849 for an appointment. OPEN SUNDAYS. Please visit us at out our web site: www.massagecraft.com

Respite Care in an Assisted Living Setting

As you recover from an illness or rehabilitation, consider our respite program, “A Maine Bridge to Home”. To help ensure the best possible day surgery outcomes and timely recovery, we at Kindred Assisted Living-Village Crossings have created a full service short-term post-surgical respite program with a very affordable daily rate. We have found that when a person is discharged from the hospital it can sometimes be a fearful and disorienting journey. Family members and/or friends suddenly become caregivers, which can be overwhelming while trying to balance their own daily lives. Our A Maine Bridge to Home program is designed to aid patients as well as their caregivers.

Our nurses and direct care staff members are ready around the clock to work in conjunction with your physician to deliver the care need for recovery. In addition, we also provide support for therapy services covered under Medicare B and/or private insurance, as well as nursing services under Medicare part “A” if qualified. The overall goal is to support the patients healing process and the journey to independence.

At Kindred Assisted Living- Village Crossings we offer assistance with daily living needs, medication administration and on site nursing supervision if needed. Special dietary requirements, mobility goals and therapies can be monitored daily. While recovering in our community, you reside in a furnished studio apartment with a handicappedaccessible, private bathroom including an emergency call bell system. You may choose to include meal tray services from our fabulous Marsh View restaurant and, of course, hands-on care if needed. Our Key Benefits show a list of our amenities; these services include twenty-four hour care and community companionship to assist in minimizing the possibility of a readmission to a hospital and to enhance your journey back home. So if you find you need a place to gain strength while recovering, try our A Maine Bridge to Home program, and let us pamper your every need and create a successful healing journey to good health!

Perplexed, bewildered, dazed, or confused about Health Care Reform?

The health insurance marketplace (exchange) will be open from October 1st 2013 – March 31,2014. If you currently have an individual health insurance policy, or are uninsured, this affects you!

Karen Vachon, licensed health insurance agent, helps individuals, families, small business owners, and the uninsured navigate health care reform. Doing business the old fashion way, Vachon works face to face with clients helping them navigate their health insurance options; identify their eligibility for a premium tax credits and subsidy, and guiding people through the application process.

Serving the under -65 market and senior market, Vachon’s approach is different. She gets up close and personal to the individual needs of her clients and their situations, tapping into all available resources to protect life’s twist, turns, and surprises.

Are you are tired of 1-800-eternal hold? Would you prefer having a live, local person help you navigate your choices and service your changing needs? Feeling perplexed, bewildered, dazed, and confused? Call Karen 207.730-2664. There is no fee for her service.

Rolnick Chiropractic

Dr. Ellie’s Health Tips – The Wonder of Tomatoes!

Health Tip of the Month: Here in Maine, we are blessed to have one of the most awesome summertime treats, the Jersey Tomato! Many of us Maine natives grow our own tomatoes in our backyards or in flower pots on our porches. Tomato salads and tomato sandwiches are a summer staple. Well, guess what? The red tomato, other than it’s taste, has something even better going for it. Tomatoes are full of lycopene, an important antioxidant that repairs cell damage in the body. Lycopene is so powerful scientists have invented a tomato pill so that everyone could benefit from lycopene . According to Mercola.com, a daily “tomato pill,” composed of 7 milligrams (mg) of the antioxidant lycopene, may help to prevent heart disease. Those taking the “tomato pill” for two months had significantly improved forearm blood flow, which suggests the lycopene improved the functioning of the participants’ blood vessels. Lycopene may significantly reduce your risk of stroke and has shown potential anti-cancer activity as well. Cooked tomato-based foods, such as organic tomato sauce, tomato paste, and spaghetti sauce, are among the best dietary sources of lycopene. Even ketchup (without the fructose corn syrup, please!) is loaded with lycopene. Lycopene is a fat-soluble nutrient, which means eating it with some dietary fat is essential in order for it to be properly absorbed. Since it’s summer time, there is no need to wait for the pill. Load up on your tomatoes at your local farm market and grocer and eat up!

Thought for the Month: It’s difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato. ~Lewis Grizzard Chiropractic Thought for the Month: Communication is very important in any relationship. If communication breaks down, the relationship sours. It’s the same in the body. If your brain cannot communicate properly through the nerves that come out of the spine, the body cannot be healthy. It will not perform or function at 100%. Chiropractic care keeps the vital communication between the brain and nervous system flowing properly so that your body can work better and be healthier.

For more information, call Rolnick Chiropractic at 207-283-1168 or check out our web page at www.rolnickchiropractic.com

Think you need a hearing aid?

If you need or think you might need a hearing aid, you should call Mark Vail today — he’ll test and evaluate you for the hearing aid you need in the comfort of your home and you’ll be happy with it.

By visiting people in their homes, Mark can make the best assessment of what the person’s needs are. Sometimes, he visits people at their places of work because of concerns there. This attention to detail shows up in the low return rate he has.

You can reach Mark Vail at 284-9600 or toll free at 877-284- 3400. Call today and you’ll be hearing better soon.

The Home Energy Savings Program

The Home Energy Savings Program, or HESP from Efficiency Maine is providing the most accessible support for homeowners who need to re-insulate their homes,” reports Mark Walker, General Manager of Home Snuggers. To help them cut their heating bills, Efficiency Maine will rebate up to $1,500 to customers. And almost all new Home Snuggers customers qualify for at least $1,000 from Efficiency Maine.

Home Snuggers is a Windham based family business founded in 2011, solely for the purpose of re-insulating homes in Maine. Their premier product, RetroFoam, is a super insulation technology tested in thousands of existing American homes over the last 10 years. Homeowners typically slash their heating bills by one third with the addition of RetroFoam to their exterior walls. RetroFoam seals all the gaps and cracks where heat escapes and eliminates drafts.

Anyone interested in financing the modest cost of a RetroFoam installation - an average home is only $2,500 to $4,000 - can apply for a low interest PACE Loan from Efficiency Maine. Energy savings usually cover the monthly loan payments, which makes it easy to pay off quickly.

According to Walker, “Everyone knows energy costs will rise in coming years. Home Snuggers provides healthy and affordable insulation, while being a neighbor of integrity in our communities.” It is noteworthy that RetroFoam is totally eco-friendly. Eric Hallee, Vice President of Chase Customs Homes points out, “RetroFoam doesn’t produce vapors, and installers do not need protective gear.”

Customers speak highly of Home Snuggers. Exclaimed Deborah King of Cape Elizabeth on one cold, sunny morning as she walked into the office: “It is so hot in here, you have to turn the heat down. Apparently the RetroFoam is working. The heat wasn’t even on!”

Efficiency Maine’s Home Energy Savings Program will likely be funded through July 31, 2014. Homeowners should take advantage of this incentive of up to $1,500 for upgrading their house while also cutting their home heating bills.

Fun ways to be a fit family

Obesity is a global epidemic affecting people of all ages. According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than one-third of Americans are considered obese, while Statistics Canada notes about 25 percent of Canadians are obese. Being overweight or obese has been linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some forms of cancer, and children who are overweight are likely to be overweight or obese adults.

While eating a diet that is low in fat and high in whole-grain fiber, vegetables and lean proteins is important, exercise remains one of the key factors in maintaining a healthy weight. However, many adults and children simply do not get enough exercise during the day. An active lifestyle is often hampered by the prevalence of digital devices or sedentary jobs that encourage more screen time than fitness time. But there are ways for the entire family to get fit. Exercising together is not just a great way for families to get healthy, but also a great opportunity to spend time together. The following are a handful of ways families can work together to incorporate more exercise into their daily lives.

* Tackle chores. Yes, tasks around the house can count as exercise. Working together not only gets you moving but also cuts down on the time it takes to tackle tasks around the house. Mowing the lawn, vacuuming the rugs, sweeping the floor -- all of these activities can get the heart pumping. Make it fun by setting chores to music or competing against one another to see who gets their task done first or the best.

* Compete in the pool. Swimming is a low-impact activity that works many muscles in the body. Taking a dip in the pool can be both relaxing and beneficial to your health. Compete with family members to make the most of the time spent in the water. Host relay swimming races, see how long each member of the family can tread water or create any other competitions that keep everyone in the pool moving.

* Create an outdoor obstacle course. Set up a series of obstacles in your yard and host your own triathlon. You can jump through tires, climb through tubes and scale trees. Make it fun by having adults try to ride tricycles or pair up an adult with a child for sack races. The opportunities for fun are only hampered by your imagination.

* Go for family bicycle rides. Traverse your neighborhood or blaze new trails by riding bikes together. Young children can be strapped into trailers that are pulled behind the bike or ride in seats attached to the bike itself. This gives everyone a chance to enjoy the great outdoors and hone their cycling skills.

* Go hiking. Hiking is another fun family activity that also happens to make for great exercise. Choose a trail that may not be level and push everyone’s endurance to the test.

* Stroll the beach.Walking or running on sand offers more resistance than walking on pavement. Take a stroll at the seaside. Break up the walk by collecting shells or stopping by the water to observe marine wildlife.

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