2014-07-18 / Letters

Reader calls for resignation

To the editor:

Lovett’s Field, Danforth Cove and Willard neighborhoods, I am asking Michael Pock to resign from the city council as he has brought his own personal agenda to the city council rather than to represent the residents of District 1.

In the November referendum a large majority of voters in District 1 voted for the Waterfront Protection Ordinance, yet Michael has continued to oppose any effort by the council to carry out the wishes of his constituents and regulate the export of tar sands. He has a conflict of interest that he has not fully disclosed to the city as he has done extensive work for Malcolm and Charlie Poole, who have major shipping and maritime investments on the Portland waterfront. All city councilors are required to voluntarily come forward and disclose any potential conflicts to the council. Mr. Pock has not been forthcoming in discussing his business with the Poole family. I would like to hear how much of his income he gets from them and whether they have discussed the Clear Skies Ordinance with him. He does not understand the political process and does not understand that the Clear Skies Ordinance is a different proposal than that put before the voters in November. At the most recent council meeting he said, “We had an election and we won. I’m sorry I’m so angry, but I do not intend to vote for this ordinance.” There was no vote on the Clear Skies Ordinance. Who is “we?”

Mr. Pock, if you were representing your district you would listen to your constituents and vote for the Clear Skies Ordinance. “I am so angry” – an effective politician needs to leave their personal emotional issues at home to be objective in their decision making. The time is now, Mr. Pock, to step aside and let the residents of District 1 have a councilor who will represent them.

David Orbeton
South Portland

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