2014-08-15 / Letters

Baiting bears with sweets is cruel

To the editor:

July 27 was the beginning of this year’s 30- day process to bait Maine bears.

Bears are baited with doughnuts and greasy foods to lure them to spots where they will ultimately be killed or mortally wounded, dying forgotten in the forests. Hounds chase and terrify the bears as hunters of varying skills gather to shoot them. Traps cruelly clamp paws that will never release as the animals caught in the traps die slowly. Yes, many other animals are caught in the scattered traps.

Maine is the only state that allows baiting, trapping and hounding. Animal rescues report that many of the hounds are also injured while being part of hounding. How barbaric for the legacy of our state. Please consider voting yes in November to make 2014 the last year for the legalized cruelty.

Sandra Fordyce
South Portland

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