2014-08-29 / Community

Artist to exhibit at South Portland cafe in September

CIA Café in South Portland is showing an exhibition, “Goddesses,” that features artist Virginia Schmidt, on view until Monday, Sept. 15. Schmidt is an international artist who is known for her enigmatic work with mysterious symbols. CIA is located at 72 Ocean St. in the Knightville neighborhood of South Portland.

In the exhibition, Schmidt presents a series of paintings on wood that trace a specific interest the artist has on the relationship primitive cultures had with nature, embodied in her goddesses. She refers to the worship as a reality rather than a superstition or fake ritual. Working with female faces-suns images that change the effect and status of objects; suggesting a return to a magical, primordial world.

Schmidt lives and creates her art in South Portland, and has been an artist there, in California and Argentina for more than 25 years.

“I am very pleased to show my art in South Portland. It is very gratifying to be have a show in the place where I live and work,” she said.

Schmidt was born in Argentina, has a degree in fine arts and also studies architecture. She attended post-graduate courses in Argentina and California. She exhibited her paintings in Argentina and California.

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