2014-09-12 / Letters

Don’t forget about school buses and new year

To the editor:

With the warm and humid weather we’ve experienced lately, I’ve occasionally had a feeling of surprise when I’ve seen school buses picking up and dropping off children in South Portland, only to remember a few seconds later, “This is September, not August, and school is back in session.”

School buses are the safest form of transportation on earth, built to crashworthiness standards that put the average SUV or minivan to shame. Nevertheless, a small number of children are killed every year in school busrelated traffic incidents – usually not while they’re on the bus, but most frequently while they’re disembarking from the bus.

We all know that it’s dangerous and illegal to pass a stopped school bus, but there are so many distractions that can cause a perfectly good driver to do just that: texting, adjusting the stereo, reaching for a dropped object or simply not expecting to encounter a school bus on these muggy days we’ve been having.

Please remember that those big yellow buses are carrying the most precious of cargoes: our children. Stay alert and be prepared to stop when you see the flashing lights.

Rolla Adrian Dowling
South Portland

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