2014-09-26 / Letters

City shouldn’t foot bill

To the editor:

I took the opportunity to stop by the South Portland Community Center on Sunday to take look at some of the electric cars. There were some interesting cars there and for the folks that they fit their lifestyle and needs, some good vehicles.

I also checked out the new charging station that was installed at the community center and learned that a charge was “free.” That is very generous of the city council to make a charge “free” to the user, but unfortunately nothing is free. Nothing is free and we the South Portland taxpayers are paying for it. As a taxpayer I strongly object to my tax dollars going to pay for the fuel for someone’s car, be it electric, gas or something else. If South Portland feels having a charging station at the community center is so important then there should be a charge for the electricity and all costs associated with the purchase and maintenance of the charging station. No different than at the gas pump, pay for what you use.

Someone who owns an electric car can afford to pay for their own fuel. They do not need any more taxpayer assistance. They got a nice federal incentive to buy the electric car in the first place. No more “free” electric charging.

Richard Prince
South Portland

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