2014-10-10 / Letters

Candidate’s education experience is needed

To the editor:

South Portland voters in House District 33 (formerly 124) have a choice of three candidates this November. One of those candidates is Rosemarie De Angelis.

Rosemarie has worked as a teacher in South Portland for decades. She knows the value of education better than anyone. Many of us see dollar signs when we hear the word education, but the good news is that Rosemarie is a hawk when it comes to eliminating wasteful government spending. As a South Portland city councilor and mayor, she fought to keep our property tax increases as low as possible, while making sure that our children still got a quality education. Rosemarie would bring that experience with her to Augusta.

Rosemarie knows that many of South Portland’s elderly and disabled are struggling to make ends meet. They’re often faced with tough choices between heating fuel, prescription drugs and groceries. In Augusta, Rosemarie would work to keep them safe, healthy and warm in their own homes.

Many South Portlanders work multiple jobs just to get by. Rosemarie knows what that’s like; she’s been there herself. In Augusta, she would support small businesses by giving them the tools they need to create good-paying jobs, thus giving our hardworking friends and neighbors a chance to get ahead.

Please join me in voting for Rosemarie De Angelis on Nov. 4.

Adrian Dowling
South Portland

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