2014-10-10 / Letters

Pastor opposes legalizing drug

To the editor:

I urge South Portland residents to vote no on

the legalization of recreational marijuana. As pastor at Thornton Heights United Methodist Church in South Portland, I have educators, elderly and parents share with me a disbelief that legalization of a detrimental, mind-altering substance is on the ballot. I share their concern and wish to elaborate on a few reasons from a longer list of many.

There seems to be a perception of personal right to get high by those who want to legalize recreational marijuana. Whatever happened to community responsibility and healthy living for all residents of South Portland? The facts of the harm from legalized marijuana use for the individuals smoking it and the community at large far outweigh an individual desire to get a buzz on for entertainment. Besides, how can one consider: impaired coordination, difficulty with thinking and problem solving, disrupted learning and memory, negative effects on brain development, impaired judgment, weakened immune system, more frequent respiratory illness, increased absences, tardiness, accidents and job turnover with recreation? (http://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/drugfacts/ marijuana)

Sounds to me like critical thinking is getting lost in the buzz.

Rev. Kathleen H.N. Towns

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