2014-10-10 / Letters

Residents are glad candidate is running

To the editor:

We know Rebecca Millett as a neighbor, friend and now as our state senator. We were delighted when she was finally convinced to run for public office because she is extremely smart, committed to public service both in Maine and the towns she represents. She is always the hardest worker in any room.

She earns the respect of others due to her work ethic and integrity. During her time in Augusta she has worked hard on issues related to education, including a funding formula to increase opportunities for all students and a new law making pre-K programs available in all districts by 2019. We know we can count on her to always support the protection of the environment and our local and state natural resources. She is also an advocate for an increase in the minimum wage and raising the standard of living for those Mainers who work 40 hours and week and still cannot support their families.

Most importantly, I know that Rebecca is always willing to listen. It won’t matter if you are a friend or a stranger, a Democrat or Republican. Once she listens, she will do her research and get back to you. She follows through. She’s smart, she cares and she’s willing to serve. We are lucky that she happens to live in our town and is willing and able to represent us with such dedication and vision.

Kevin and Beth Stilphen
Cape Elizabeth

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