2014-10-17 / Letters

Candidate has experience

To the editor:

When deciding who to vote for in the race for state representative in District 33, I would urge citizens to look at the long record of public service of former councilor and mayor Rosemarie DeAngelis.

Rosemarie has dedicated many years to serving the people of South Portland in a variety of roles including her work on the city council, South Portland Historical Society, land trust and as an instructor at Southern Maine Community College. I have found that the best elected officials in our government are those who truly want to serve the public good, rather than those just looking to make a name for themselves or their own self promotion. Rosemarie has shown South Portland that she is committed to public service and is a passionate advocate for the causes she is involved with. The good character of a person is told through their record; Rosemarie has a record to be proud of and I believe she will serve us well in Augusta with your support.

Bryan Kaenrath
South Portland

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